Jun 13, 2017

A CUP........
Jun 13, 2017
Saurabh Kumar     follow

A cup full of HAPPINESS 

I have to find

Don't try to cheat  me 

Fit this in your  mind 


A cup full of SORROWNESS

I have to throw

In the farthest barren land

So it should never again grow


A cup full of SMILE 

I have to spread 

Helping them by their need

It might  be a single  bread 


A cup full  of DISEASE 

I have to cure

IT will help  the society 

To become fully pure


A cup full of EMOTIONS 

I have to gift 

Which is reserved for specials

Definitely  i will shift 


A cup full of  FEAR

I have to overcome 

And IF i will be able to do so

Then life will be Awesome....

                   .........................{Isn't  it}


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