Dec 15, 2017

Elections are over /problems are over.
Dec 15, 2017
Saurabh Kumar     follow

After a huge amount of drama at last elections are one can't get any leader requesting humbly for votes or talking about the problems because it all it's turm of people to beg for all their need,now you won't  get any news coverage neither debates on it.all the debates  will run on the top of winning  like who will win and rule for next 5 year.but in a mid where is those voters who are supreme all the problems of road,electricity,water,agriculture  and other issues I'm sure all get sorted not because they got solved but it got postponed for next time.neither the ruling nor the oppositions you wont get anyone there to fight for you,to ask for you because they know that they need nothing from the voter for a long period of 5 years....and believe  me we will again get entertained by the same drama in different  channels in different  state SOON..........

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