Jul 16, 2018

Myself Ashish !!
Jul 16, 2018
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I’ve been a product designer, primarily at startups, for coming up on four years, and as cheesy as it might be, I’ve started to (unironically) embrace what I’ve learned in my career to make daily life a little bit happier and more productive. And honestly, it seems to be working. 

At St. Angloes , I was initially pursuing a BCA. However, within two years, I discovered that it wasn’t the right fit for me. I knew there was something else I really wanted to do with my life. Therefore, I decided to take job which was offered by AVNBiz (while my graduation). 

In AVNBiz, I wasn’t yet into UI/UX design. Actually, I didn’t even know much about these fields and completely didn’t think I would end up in the Design industry. 

During this time, one of my senior from the AVNBiz came for a training session and we were able to catch up. That’s when he suggested that I take a look at HCI(human-computer interaction) and UX. As soon as I researched the field, I instantly knew that it was something I really wanted to take a deeper dive in.


To be honest, when I first got my feet into the world of design and tech, I met a lot of people and some of the conversations were around famous people with names that I’ve never heard of. Since I didn’t have any background knowledge and was busy focusing on learning the tools and practicing, I really didn’t care about who to follow or get inspired by. To be more specific, at the time, I was most likely to get inspired by the good-looking designs rather than to research the person who made it. 

I truly wish I had more hours in my day

Long story short, that’s when I started to teach myself how to design, code and learn about the design and tech industry.  Self-teaching sounds like an easy word, but I hardly slept for those few months before the Master’s program, not only because I felt so behind, but also because I was passionate and fascinated with it. The journey was just a series of steps — jumping one stepping stone at a time.


Lastly, I would stress that design isn’t just a final product where everything looks nice and cool. Instead there is a lot of thought and collaboration continuously happening between engineers, designers, researchers, product managers and other team members to better the product.