Feb 24, 2017

Some meaningful pictures
Feb 24, 2017
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Some pictures (without text) with deep meaning(s)

  • Life is not just all about money.
  • Why fictitious walls if the final destination is same for all ?
  • Connecting the dots.
  • Terrorism in the name of religion.
  • It’s all about priorities.
  • Never ever.
  • #Hashtag people.
  • The meaning of life.
  • Feel their pain. Atleast be kind whenever possible..!! :(
  • Think about the animal refugees too.
  • Round & round comes around.
  • Doing things the wrong way !
  • Not all the opportunities are to be taken..!!
  • Virtually blind people.
  • Goals are not that easy. Take your step today.
  • It’s okay to be you.
  • Sometimes stepping back might save you and the rest too..!!
  • Being optimistic.
  • End of the day, attitude matters.
  • Relationship should be like !
  • Family in a simple demonstration.
  • At least one ?
  • In search of wisdom.
  • And finally the definition of ‘&’.

& the list goes on & on & on.

Thanks for your time.

Glad that you have learned something useful for life. So, from now apply them in a positive way & make the world a better place.

Excuse me, if you could find text in the images, at least they are worthy enough !!

By: Vamsi Krishna Namala on Quora