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  Abhishek @abhishek

The Chinese and the Indian economy (part-1)

Apr 12, 2017 ‧ 177 words

China is world's 2nd  largest economy by GDP (nominal)  and world's largest economy by GDP (PPP). Followed by India as world's 4th largest economy by GDP (nominal) and 3rd largest economy by GDP (PPP).Also, currently India is ...

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  Prince Raj @princeghost

Who Serves the country better?

May 08, 2017 ‧ 1.02k words

 My Point of thinking says it is the politician who serves the country better! Now think about the term “politician”. What did you observe? Is there something flashing on your forehead? If yes then it must be something like ...

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  Abhishek @abhishek

The Chinese and the Indian economy (part-2)

May 21, 2017 ‧ 382 words

This article is the 2nd and extended part of The Chinese and the Indian economy (part-1). Read Part-1 here: https://hhds.me/5908944a6a7f6 Movements in the stock market can have a profound economic impact on the economy and ever...

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